System Options

Cincinnati, Columbus, Bio metrics, Remote Video Entry, Theft Reduction

Our Access Control Systems offer you the ability to control, restrict and monitor movement in and around an area, building or site. Therefore you can manage and protect your staff, visitors, stock, assets and occupants. Thus enabling you to reduce theft and vandalism.


Your Access Control System can be tailored to almost any function whether it be speech entry, video, code pad , integral fob, biometrics (e.g. finger print recognition) or fob readers with full data analysis (e.g. who came through what door when). Our systems can comply with Emergency exit procedures.

If your site is at a remote location we have systems that can be accessed remotely via a computer to change access permissions and times and up load the latest user logs of movement at the site.

Available Options:

  • Activity reports for employee access verification
  • Alarm deactivation with authorized entrance
  • Automatic door unlock during fire alarms
  • Maintain employee profiles in database
  • Multiple door access capability
  • Schedule control