Security Guard & Patrol Services

You go through great lengths to make sure that your event is well-organized, safe, and successful.   You have a number of worries during the staging of an event.   We go through great lengths of our own to make sure that security isn’t one of them.

Our Event Security staff are friendly and helpful, but also vigilant about maintaining order.   We recognize that, when you hire us, we also represent your event and your organization.  To that end, we’ll always represent ourselves in the most professional manner.

With over 20 years in the security guard & patrol service business Marshal Protective Agency strives itself with providing your business with dedicated professionals to handle your business security and safety needs.  

ANSI, OSHA, Workplace Safety


Professionalism.  Experience.  Integrity. 

That’s what sets Marshal Protective Agency’s security officers apart. All of our officers must complete an extensive background screening process prior to employment. In addition they must pass a comprehensive drug screen by a certified laboratory and criminal record check through the State of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification. Applicants with felonies or misdemeanors or a history of drug use are simply not accepted.

Upon employment, each Marshal Protective Agency security officer must complete the IFPO Certified Protection Officer evaluation program before being placed on your site.  Your safety and security are our number one concern, and we instill that commitment into each and every one of our security officers.

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A guard tour verification system is one of the most effective ways to ensure that specific locations of your business are being checked thoroughly and on a regular schedule. Marshal Protective Agency can provide an electronic guard tour system for your facility using the most state of the art hardware and reporting software.

In addition to tracking guard activity, these systems can also be useful for verifying the inspection of safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, standpipes, and sprinkler systems. Guard tours can also be tracked through telephone verification and video verification.

First Aid & Safety Training, On Site, OSHA, ANSI

Special Security Officers are professional, dependable, and vigilant men and women who receive additional specialized training tailored to the requirements of your business. Our specialized training programs are highly developed and professionally executed not only to educate, but also to motivate our officers. Specialized training can include CPR/AED, First Aid, EMT, Fire Brigade, Taser, Pepper Spray, and Firearms.



Armed Officers receive an additional level of background screening through the FBI and must complete a training and certification program in firearms handling and retention through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. Our armed officers must also complete a semi-annual firearm safety training program and a state mandated annual firearm safety and skill re-certification.

Tactical Response Officers are the elite of our Special Security Officers. They constantly go beyond their regular duties to ensure that your facility runs as smooth and incident free as possible.


These security officers have extensive military and police experience and are constantly required to update there training as needs change. They also must undergo specialized training for each deployment. Tactical Response Officers are ideal for facilities under constant threat of terrorist attack, in the midst of labor negotiations, and companies under public protest.


AED, Business Security, Commercial Security



Its important that a security force be mobile and agile.   With that in mind, Marshal Protective Agency maintains an extensive fleet of marked and unmarked patrol vehicles, utility vehicles, mountain bikes, and Segway scooters.


Our mobile patrol is available for spot check service, specialized patrols, and for special event security. Marshal Protective Agency also offers dedicated patrol vehicles for use exclusively on your business site.

Marshal Protective Agency offers many specialized uniform options to correspond with the duties our officers perform. The standard attire for our security officers is our signature Marshal Blue™ law enforcement style dress uniform.

Professional attire (Blazer, Tie, Oxford Shirt, & Slacks), Business Casual attire (Polo Shirt & Khaki Slacks), and Tactical attire (Military Style BDU’s) are just some of the many options available to Marshal Protective Agency customers.

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