Kitchen Fire / Ansul Suppression Systems

Restaurant Safety, Ansul, Badger, UL300, Dry Chemical Kitchen System

You can’t just throw water on a grease fire.  You need to eliminate the fuel source and smother the flames in order to get a kitchen fire under control.  American Fire & Security offers installation and service maintenance to your business kitchen fire suppression system so it ready to extinguish a fire in your facility.


Routine services include:

  •     Semi-Annual Maintenance Inspection
  •     UL 300 Upgrading
  •     Installation
  •     Hydrostatic Testing
  •     Recharging
  •     Repairs

Compliance - UL 300

All kitchen fire suppression systems manufactured after 1994 must comply with the UL 300 standard to account for increased commercial cooking times and temperatures.  Dry chemical kitchen systems have been replaced with wet systems to accommodate hotter and longer cooking times.