IP or Traditional CCTV?

American Fire & Security  provides both IP and traditional systems.  We recommend IP Video Surveillance for the following reasons:

  •     The number one reason being the resolution achieved with an IP based system is much greater than that of a traditional analog system.  A traditional analog camera will max out around a resolution of 640×480, or 0.3 Megapixels.   Today’s IP Video cameras can reach up to 16 Megapixels.  That is an image that is 48 times better than the traditional analog camera.
  •     The second reason is that IP systems are typically designed around an open architecture, which makes integration with other “best of breed” software applications or hardware much easier.   Where as your traditional surveillance systems are typically an all-in-one-box/recorder, which makes it very difficult to integrate third party appliances.
  •     Another reason we recommend an IP systems, is because we are trying to future proof our customer’s investment.  We never know what the future holds but we do know that traditional DVRs are becoming a thing of the past.  The latest and greatest technologies are based around software platforms which are hardware agnostic.  Pick your own servers, pick your own cameras, and pick your own network gear and we’ll get your system up and rolling. Scalability is another reason to go with a network based system.  If you want to just add one more camera to your system and you have a traditional 16 channel DVR which is full then typically you must purchase another 4, 8, or 16 channels DVR plus the camera.  However, if you have an IP based system with Video Management Software there is generally no limit to how many cameras you can add and in what quantities.  If you want to add one, then just pay for the one camera and add it on.  There are no channel limitations.