Exit Light Inspection & Service

Exit Light Inspection, Exit Light Service, Columbus, Cincinnati

Keeping emergency lighting and exit signs in proper working condition is an ongoing responsibility — and an OSHA and Life Safety Code requirement.  Monthly and annual inspections apply to all Emergency Lighting fixtures. 

Here’s what we do for you:


Monthly Inspection:

Make sure your emergency lighting and exit signs are in working order before they are needed.  Test integrity of lights and batteries through test button for 30 seconds, check for physical damage, align the beam and tighten if necessary, and check AC and charge lamps as applicable.

Annual Testing:

American Fire & Security will perform a full simulation 90 minute test, disconnect AC power supply to each unit, check battery and lens for corrosion or damage, clean unit and lens as required, adjust beam for proper placement, troubleshoot/repair: check charging system voltage, check battery output voltage, check line voltage. 

American Fire & Security can replace or repair any damaged light bulbs, batteries, lenses, exit glass and non-functioning signs.


After unit passes annual testing, a sticker is placed on the unit to satisfy record keeping requirements.

Your Emergency Lights and Exit signs are one of the most important links to a safe escape for building occupants, so it just makes good sense to have a regular, systematic inspection performed by a trained service professional. We have the expertise and training to assure that your emergency lighting units will work when you need them the most, when the lights go out.