Emergency Exit Lights

Columbus, Cincinnati, Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs

Don’t be left in the dark!  In the event of a fire, storm or power failure your business could be a dangers place for your employees, customers or the fire department.  By keeping your emergency lighting and exit signs properly maintained you are enabling a safe and timely evacuation of your business.

Exit and emergency lighting systems are a necessary component of a fire protection plan. Exit and emergency lights provide lighting in hallways, stairwells, ramps, escalators, aisles and exits during power outages. American Fire & Security can design and install exit and emergency lighting systems. These lighting systems increase your security and comfort and are required by law in most cases.

American Fire & Security can ensure the safety of your business with regular inspections, testing and maintenance of your exit and emergency lighting systems so if the lights go out for any reason that your employees, customers or the fire department can safely maneuver in or out of your building.