Burglary / Intrusion Alarm System Inspection

Alarm Inspection, Testing, Phone Line Issues, Cellular Back Up

Per UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) 731 it is required that your business burglar alarm be inspected annually. 


During your inspection we:

  • Test sensors to make sure that they are properly working.
  • Test the siren or bell to make sure that it will sound in the event of an alarm.
  • Verify the alarm programming.
  • Check the contact with the central station.
  • Check the physical security of the alarm panel, keypad, and sensors.
  • Test the battery.
  • Test the phone lines.
  • Check the proper placement of the sensors in case something has moved.
  • Record Keeping
  • Training and Education for Personnel to help reduce the number of false alarms.
  • Update any paperwork and contact list.