Alarm Verification

Proper alarm verification is crucial for your alarm monitoirng service.  Alarm verfication makes it possible to determine if an alarm was activated by a real intruder, a safety breach or employee error. American Fire & Security's alarm verfication services help significantly reduce the cost of false alarms. 

AFS Watch

American Fire & Security’s AFS Watch Virtual Guards watching over your business and responding immediately as required. They can conduct tours of your location, escort employees on and off the premises and ensure the security of your business 24/7 all for a fraction of the cost of a live security guard.

Visual Verification

American Fire & Security offers the most sophisticated visual verification solutions through strategically installed PIR cameras which are activated the moment an alarm is triggered.

Audio Verification

American Fire & Security utilizes audio alarm verification through a built-in microphone in peripherals which, once an alarm is triggered, allows security service providers to call into the system and listen in on any sounds within the premises to better assess the situation. Any occupants within the premises can also be contacted via a built-in speakerphone for verbal confirmation of the validity of the alarm. 

Sequential Verification

Based on customizable criteria, American Fire & Security's alarm panel is able to intelligently monitor associated devices and intrusion-related events to effectively discern real, from false, alarms. Only once the panel has detected a real intrusion sequence of events, the alarm is confirmed with central stations for immediate notification of authorities.