About our central station: 
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American Fire & Security uses the most advanced communications technology available to monitor alarm systems around the clock. our six load-sharing centers are strategically located to give us the unparalleled ability to provide fast, efficient, and professional monitoring, even under the worst conditions. Operating multiple centers in geodiverse locations, not only gives our us backup in the event of unlikely equipment failures, it also decreases the probability that local conditions (such as blizzards, hurricanes, floods, etc.) could affect more than one of our central stations at a time. Therefore, in the event local conditions prevent our dispatchers from getting to work at one of our locations, we simply over-staff our other central stations to compensate. While local conditions usually increase the response times at other monitoring companies, we have proven time and time again that our multiple locations and staffing strategy work by consistently delivering desirable response times when our competitors cannot. Furthermore, our monitoring and other "mission critical" systems are also replicated in multiple locations. In addition to our two redundant VMware mainframes that monitor your accounts in our New Jersey headquarters, we also have two more redundant VMware mainframes in one of the world's largest and most reliable data centers (the SuperNAP) in Las Vegas. This is a level of reliability that other monitoring companies just don't have.

Our Central Stations are located in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Tennesse, Texas, and Maryland to protect you 24/7.

Our central station meets the stringent physical and operational standards required for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) approval.

We are constantly updating our technology and equipment to ensure we are providing the highest level of protection for you.

Some of our central station features include:

  • Open and close reporting

  • Late to open/close notifications

  • Service Required Notifications

  • Notification via email/sms texting

  • Video & Two Way Audio Monitoring capabilities

  • Advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality, which allows call to be answered more quickly and for call system to be managed in real time.

  • Ability to monitor all alarm formats including many new IP format receivers.

  • Ability to notify you of an event via E-Mail or SMS text

  • mPower - Gives you the ability to see what's going on from your mobile device or desktop and even place your own accounts on test